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4 Benefits of Reading the Book of Revelation

Every Christian knows the benefits of reading the Bible and meditating on the word of God. One of the most profound books in the Bible is the book of revelation. The thing is a lot of people are afraid of reading Revelation because of its content. People do not want to know about the end of times and how everything will unfold. Even though it might look scary, every believer needs to be conversant with the word of God. This means read each and every part and meditate so that their souls can be fed and for them to understand what God wants of them. There are benefits of reading the book of Revelation. Here are some of the benefits.

Learn About the Reward of Being a Faithful Servant

The Bible talks about believers exercising faith. The Lord expects total trust from His followers and this means that trust even when you cannot see. This is what faith is all about. Nonetheless, in a world that depends so much on facts, exercising faith is no walk in the park. A lot of people struggle with it. However, the Bible is quick to remind Christians that their faith will be rewarded. The book of Revelation tells Christians to be steadfast in being faithful because with it comes a greater reward of eternal life. Even though being faithful is costly, believers are encouraged that eternal life belongs to them if they continue living in faith.

Get to Know the Plans of God

Another benefit of reading Revelation is that it helps believers to know that God intends on creating a new earth. Believers have hope in eternal life with Jesus Christ in a place where pain and sorrow do not exist. When you read Revelation, you discover how hopeful you should be in God and His intention to create a new earth.

Gives You Confidence on God’s Sovereignty

Revelation teaches Christians about the sovereignty of God. It describes God as the alpha and the Omega. This means that He is the beginning and the end. In addition to this, He has been ruling history and continues to rule in between and the future as well. It gives Christians confidence that the Lord their God is I control of whatever is happening and He continues to be in control till the end of times.

Teaches Christians How to Worship

Finally, reading the book of Revelation can provide you with a template of what worship should look like. It talks about how worshipping in the contemporary world is focused on emotions and feelings. This kind of worship is described as unsatisfying. The End Times insists that worship should focus on the lamb of God. Having this kind of worship can help you ensure that your entire being is fashioned for praise. This is vital if at all you want to draw yourself closer to the creator.

As you can see, even though the content in Revelation can come off as scary, it has numerous benefits and looking at this End Times book in terms of reading from the word of God can give you a new perspective on things.

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